BREAKING NEWS: Just Hours Until The Great Debate and The Countdown Clock Is Running

The final part, Part 3 of Our Holiday Album will return on Friday as we now interrupt our schedule for:


Were you among the 9 or 10 viewers to watch Monday night pre-season football or the 2 or 3 who watched the debate? What, you say?  Our stats are way off!  Can't be.  Polls don't lie.  The HILL in a pink (red) pantsuit don't lie.  The Hat on Yellow Hair don't lie.  NEVER!  And we'll PROVE it to you!!!

TUNE IN, all day, LIVE video and audio on YouTube and watch the REAL debate.  Yeah, you heard right.  The REAL one.  The HILL vs the HAT vs the DONK!  And it's a foregone conclusion just who will win this one.  And we expect 100+million bazillion gazillion viewers!  All of you with paws and claws and tails and whiskers.  You who meow and bark and chirp and squeak.  

Save the DATE: Thursday, September 29 ~ available for viewing ALL DAY LONG
Save the PLACE:  Just go to this LINK RIGHT HERE tomorrow to get to YouTube (PG rated) 

Moderated by the one and only KONG
No guarantees that The Hat on Yellow Hair will show up.  At this hour, he has sent only The Hat and an 800# for product ordering.  FTC rules prohibit publishing of this number as candidates are not allowed to advertise, market or attempt to sell products for personal gain during the debate.  But then RUMP is traditionally a self serving rule breaker, yeah!
And note that The Hill (in the pink pantsuit) is already pointing fingers of blame towards Gentleman Joe ~ she'd been caught recently snooping around in his email accounts (of which he
has only ONE we hasten to note, on a public and government approved server!!!), but
somehow (???) her campaign team got access to it ... maybe the Rump helped a bit ... but we
digress here ... let's turn the mic over to KONG before he throws banana peels at the
audience.  Don't forget to TUNE IN tomorrow, Thursday, September 29 ...


  1. Sounds like a fun time.

  2. Oh, isn't waiting always the hardest? Just one more day!

  3. There can only be one positive outcome to this debate - we KNOW who will win.
    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. OOH! This is going to be a debate for the ages!

  5. I'll be there. Hope this doesn't turn into a knock 'em down dead fight! I'm not much for fighting.

  6. guys....we due knot haz de tee vee hooked up but frum de
    talk round de alley wayz; we dinna mizz a thing......thanx full
    lee we DUE haz you tube hook up N thatz wear de BEST de bate
    will be shown...we look for werd ta see in ya two morrow JOE ~~♥♥♥

  7. This debate sounds like it will be a lot better of a debate that the one I just watched on Monday night. I'm curious to see who will win! Kong seems like the perfect moderator for this event.

  8. We did not watch the Great Debate. Half the discussion would be too annoying to listen to...

  9. We're looking forward to the debate!!
    The Florida Furkids