We love designing blog headers for friends ~ many are for "friends of old", ones we worked with for many years and have come to know so well, they are like family to us!  Others are new and fun to become acquainted with, we enjoy "meeting" them through their photos and blog stories and becoming friends.  
As a side note here, we often do gift headers to "get acquainted", but as many bloggers know, we do generally charge a small fee for our design work.  In any case, this blog page, though not updated in a long time shows many old blog headers.  
Since Dougie Dog joined the Zoolatry family, we've had the great pleasure to meet many new woofie bloggers and work on headers for some of our new doggie friends.  So here below, we are showing off a few new ones done in the last month or so (dogs and kitties).
Hope you enjoy them, and if you haven't met these bloggers, LINKS are below each image, so please stop by and introduce yourself!

She couldn't be cuter if she tried!  Little party girl ~ visit her HERE
 We are blushing ~ and sending a big apawlogy to little Christmas ... HE couldn't be cuter if he tried!  Big party boy!  In fact, he is party-ing today at his bloggie ~ go see!
 Special friends, forever ~ CIARA and LIGHTNING
They've woo-ed their way into our heart ~ visit them HERE.
 ERIN ~ princess of her castle, queen of her domain.
When we met ERin, it was love at first sight ~ visit her HERE.

 HAILEY and PHOD ~ Dougie Dog said "oh my dogs, love 'em"
Fun and funny and fabulous ~ find out more, and visit them HERE.
Kitty friends since we began blogging! Love these girls, you will too!  Visit them HERE.
 LOUIS ~ The Small Dog with a Big Heart
Indeed he is!  Curly, cute, cuddly, you just have to meet Louisdog.  Visit him HERE.
 PRINCESS LEAH ~ Love! Kisses! Hugs! Smoochies!
Look into those eyes ~ need we say more?  Visit this adorable princess right HERE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In a few weeks we will post information about Holiday 2016 Headers and Ecards.
Each year we create unique and one-of-a-kind blog designs for the holiday season
at very reasonable pricing.  Please keep us in mind if you are interested in having
your blog decorated for the holidays!  Thank You!


  1. We love each and every one of your blog headers. They are works of art and always so wonderful! You are very talented, Miss Ann!

  2. They are all amazing! Just so you know, Christmas is male. ;)

  3. We always love seeing your headers on blogs we visit, Ann. They are always so gorgeous! And you are also so incredibly talented at matching each header with the mood and personality of that particular blog and its furbabies. We are certainly looking forward to the holidays and all of the gorgeous images you create for them!

  4. We came by yesterday and noticed your Dougie Header.
    My mommy likes it very much, now she just needs to
    get a few good pictures of me.
    xo Astro

  5. it's always great to see this fabulous headers.... they are like a big HELLO to all readers in pictures :o)

  6. Your blog headers are just the best. We really like them all. And ours is good too.

  7. Love love love my header from Ann! You can't go wrong with her!

  8. Your headers are always fabulous.....we need to update ours soon too.

    The Florida Furkids

  9. I loved your headers! It's awesome that you make Holiday themed headers too.

  10. Those are very nice indeed!

  11. maggy, zoey, & dawg dood doug......de mom purrsonz bak ta takin credit
    for all yur total lee awesum werk again.......just thought ya mite wanna
    noe ~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  12. I always love seeing the new headers you do for the different blogs. I love all the headers you have done for us over the years.

  13. We are in awe of your talent! :)

  14. The headers you create are always a lot of fun! It is pawsome that you are sharing your talent with so many other pet bloggers. :)

  15. You are so creative and talented, and so kind to, to do the work for only a small fee. We love all of the headers and are growing to view these animals as part of our extended family, as they come to life through words and pictures.
    Abby Lab's family The Johnsons

  16. You are so creative and talented, Ann! We love all of the blog headers you design. That reminds us, we need to update ours. We'll be in touch! :)

  17. We have always enjoyed your work!!!

  18. We have seen these and knew that you created them and they are beautiful!

  19. I love how unique all of your headers are. I can't really see a trademark thumbprint. You must work so hard to make every one look special. That's the sign of an artist, right there.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie