With A Touch Of Political Incorrectness

Sunday afternoon, a sunny and beautiful autumn afternoon.  Until Dougie Dog breaks from his leash.  Running like the wind, down the streets of the neighborhood.  Nearly impossible to catch him.  He is fast and faster.  And the millions of olfactory receptors in that big soft nose lead him onward!  Then, like magic ~ he stops in a neighboring yard.  The yard where Bailey, the two-year old German Shepherd lives.  So we catch up.  So we catch him.
How?  Why?  Like Dougie Dog ... Bailey leaves her tennis balls hither and yon, scattered here and there, all about the yard.  It's a tennis ball that has stopped him.  Caught his attention.  He cannot resist.  The tennis balls overcome all else.  Tennis balls have power like nothing in the world!

And speaking of Sundays ... in our home, Sundays usually find us reading The New York Times.   And the Sunday Review section, with op ed pieces is my personal favorite (especially as I am a political junkie ...).

I really don't know what is right/wrong, correct/incorrect about quoting from the "news" so I hope it's alright to quote from an article here ... I am giving credit for it ... but this paragraph was so spot-on, and amusing, I couldn't resist!  And if you have a Lab or most any dog , you'll most likely enjoy it, too!

On October 8, 2016, Maureen Dowd, an excellent columnist, wrote an op ed piece called Donald Goes To The Dogs.

Speaking with Steve Schmidt, a Republican strategist, Dowd asked him what bait Hillary might dangle this time to get Trump to lose it  ... "   “Same bait,” Schmidt replied. “I have a black Lab and when you show the black Lab a tennis ball, there is fire in his eyes. He is going to get that ball. He’ll do it a thousand times. No more than the Lab can’t not chase the ball, Trump can’t not respond. He’s unable to not have the last word.”

Given that Trump has dubbed so many women dogs, there’s poetic justice in comparing him to one.

Throw a tennis ball, the black Lab goes after it. But it’s not fair to compare Trump to a dog. 

Dogs are awesome.


  1. We sure are glad that Dougie stopped for the tennis ball and was safely brought back home! That is really scary when they get loose and start running!!

  2. Phod loves a ball, but not a tennis ball.

  3. We are so glad that the tennis ball got Dougie's attention and he was captured.

  4. Whew. Tennis ball to the rescue!

  5. Tennis balls always do the trick!

  6. While I'm out on my evening neighborhood walk, there is a Newfoundland that rushes the fence to bark at me. One time, his tennis ball rolled out through the fence, and I tossed it into his yard. He went flying after it, and brought it back to me! I don't know who had more fun...!

  7. Good thing for that love of tennis balls. Usually an open car door is a good lure too. Glad the story had a happy ending.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  8. Yeah, a dog would be a better president. BOL!

  9. I agree... dogs are awesome... some peeps not really :o) I will place some tennisballs around the house, just in case I need something what will stop Easy when he has his critical 2 minutes LOL

  10. LOL....I love it!!!

  11. clapping my hands (paws) in agreement...oh how I LOVE THIS!!!! Love YOU! xoxo DakotasDen