Sniff, sniff.  Aaah, that sweet summer smell: squirrels and birds, a chipmunk or two, even a few
wandering deer ... and bunnies, big and little!  The yard is an abundance of magical odors ... treats
for my nose!  When I charge down the stairs from the deck I am overcome with joy!  I don't
know whether to turn left or turn right ... who to chase!  Usually I head to the shed first, as a
bun-bun or two (sensing my arrival) has taken cover under there.  I scope 'em out.  I dig a little.
Sigh, it's a safe haven for them.  So I back off.  Sadly, when I am now over by the bird feeder,
checking out what's fallen to the ground (it's usually tasteless stuff) ... those buns make a 
beeline for the fence gate, they scooch under and off and away they go!  Fast little fellas.  I haven't
caught one yet.  Someday I will.  (In my dreams!)  Aaah, that sweet summer smell ...
excuse me now, while I ... wait, what's that?  Sleeping in the grass and twigs!  It's a fawn.
OhMyDawg.  Is she not the most adorable little thing.  I won't go near, I do not want to frighten
her and her mama might be nearby ...   Aaah, sniff, sniff.  Nature is glorious!

Today we're joining friends for Caturday Art,
sponsored by Athena and Marie.



  1. Great picture Dougie. Sounds like you are having a great summer Dougie with all those wonderful smells.

  2. Great photo! Have a great day!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  3. We too race off the deck to try to get those squirrels and rabbits, but they always manage to scurry away.

    We love the photo art with the sun beaming down on you. Here we just wish that sun would turn the heat down a bit.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. Nothing better than the smells of Summer!
    The Florida Furkids

  5. Dougie! That is exquisite! It should be blown up to 3'x5' and hung on a wall!
    We LOVE it!

  6. We love your artwork, Dougie! We bet if you take a nap, you can have a dream in which you catch one of those bunnies!

  7. That is lovely art of your handsome self, Dougie.