December 04, 2020


 Before June puts on a show posing for you today, she has a fun story to share!

If you're a fan of our President-Elect Joe Biden (as we are) 
and his wife, Jill, you already know they 
have two adopted/rescue dogs who will soon reside 
with them at the White House.  Well, word around town is that 
he's also quite interested in adopting a kitten!  
And it seems the Humane Rescue Alliance, Washington, DC's 
largest shelter has three wee ones ready and waiting for the 
Bidens to choose from!
Knowing the Bidens love their Delaware beaches, 
the kits have been named 
for three of Delaware's sandiest:
Bethany, Rehobeth and Lewes.
to read the story, see photos and watch the video 
as it appeared
in Washingtonian Magazine.  
Worth your time if you love kittens, says June!

And something else special to add, we got to be part of
Speedy's Christmas and Holiday Countdown!  My first time meeting that special bun-bun!
Click below if you want to visit too!


  1. that is nice to invite a new fur friend into da white house

  2. How wonderful that Joe Biden's dogs will have a new kitty to get to know and play with! You have such beautiful eyes, Juney.

  3. I saw it on our news too that they are getting a kitten to join their adopted dogs. That speaks volumes that they are animal lovers.
    That is another pretty pose, June.

  4. You are such a gorgeous kitten, it makes Mom think she may actually want another cat one day when ours are gone. She always adopts them from the Humane Society or rescues. Even when she lived in Germany, all three of her cats came from a rescue there.

  5. That's terrific, that your President-elect wants to adopt a kitten! We hadn't heard that, or that he and his wife have rescue dogs. Pawesome! :-)

  6. Hey June...not only are you an excellent model you are an superb storyteller
    Hugs to you and Mom,

  7. We think a cat house on Pennsylvania Avenue would be purrfect! You are such a cutie June, we'll go see you at Speedy's place!

  8. I saw the dogs on the news but did not know about the kittens I'll be leaving here and going to look at the other links. Thanks for letting us know. We also saw the President Biden broke his ankle playing with the dogs.

  9. I wonder if they'll get a special cat that loves German Shepherds? But if they don't that place is big enough they can have their own room haha

  10. I followed both links and I think your mama will show you what tencel is or maybe Mama doesn't have tensile because kittens love tinsel. And I think that the Biden should adopt a senior cat or an adult cat.

  11. It is fun to know we will have a Presidential cat. What other Presidents have had cats?

  12. June is adorable. Not a fan of the Bidens.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

  13. What fun links ! Thanks for sharing them ! Purrs !

  14. I saw you on SPeedy's blog. :) I am glad The White House will have a cat. XO

  15. Those three little kitties are very cute, but not as adorable as our friend Juney!!! We hope the Bidens pick one of them. Our human brother-in-law's parents and sister all live in Rehoboth Beach:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. The Biden's should take two!

  17. I hope they don't get the cat until Trump leaves or he will be grabbing that pussy all over the White House.

  18. May the newest member of the family have a wonderful life and get along well with them all.