June 18, 2021


En-COUNTER-ing The Cat

Living in a studio apartment, we have a very tiny ~ teeny, tiny kitchen.  Nonetheless, June considers it her kitchen and enjoys a fair amount of time on what is barely twenty-four inches of counter space!  Of course, being on the gas stove top is prohibited.  The little counter is a good jump-up spot to the top of the small refrigerator which in turn leads to the cabinet tops!  No cat can resist that high-up hidy spot!  And "no", I don't discourage this ... she's good with her KP duties and I rather enjoy cat hair in my coffee! Don't you?   

Counterproductive.  An ice cube in my bowl in not
productive when tuna belongs there.

Counterclaim.  Dishwashing labor has been declared 
by my union rep as a 2-pawson position. 

Counterintuitive.  Contrary to common sense,
I do belong on the kitchen counter. 


PS on Wordless Wednesday, if you happened to visit, June spoke in
dots (which she loves!) and dashes ... best known as Morse Code.
To translate what she said to all of you,
"LOVE, JUNE" which several guessed correctly!  Paws up.

Several who commented, told us that CDQ, which means Come Quick Danger/Distress 
preceded Morse Code which we didn't know ~ thank you!

And little pupster Toffee, spoke back in Morse Code!  Even tho just a wee one,
he's a very smart boy already and his comment, translated was,
You can stop by and say "meow/woof" to cute Toffee, just CLICK HERE



  1. An ice cube is more cooling, June. I am sure your tuna will appear later.

  2. June, you belong anywhere you choose! We don't have much more counter space than you do, as the townhouse "kitchen" is 7'x8' ft wall to wall. It's amazing what can be done in a small space, with some thought and organization!

    Take care, both of you. ♥

  3. en-countering the on-counter cat, is a high spot in my day.... so precious! no cat hair in my coffee, but have found a few canine hairs on my plate and food. they might be in the coffee, i just can't see them.

  4. You did some good exploring up there, June!

  5. ice cubes turn into water where da tuna lives... maybe that is a kind of build your own tuna kit?

  6. We put a screen-door on the kitchen, to keep Da Boyz out, however they sneak in...and go UP!...whenever they can.
    I know that if we had a cat tree or climber for them, they'd use it instead, but there isn't any room.
    So, we wipe stuff down often, and enjoy a cat hair or two in our tea.

  7. It might be a small place but you fit just fine!

    The Florida Furkids

  8. Ice cubes are nice for summer when it's hot. Don't worry, Juney - it will melt.

  9. Dog hair is considered a condiment at our house as well as a decorative accessibility to wear.

  10. I always let my kitties go where they wanted to go. I also considered cat hair a condiment. I would find in my food and beverages all the time.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

  11. You really are cute sweet June and good job counter surfing!

  12. June you are the best counter kitty around

  13. June, you can go anyplace you want, it is your apartment. :) XO

  14. Being allowed on the counter means you get to snoopervise all the cooking arrangements! Do you get to choose the menu??

    We pups have known Toffee from the beginning, and the pups before him along with their pawrents since 2009!!
    We love them!

    Of course we love you all, too:)

  15. June, we are not allowed on the counters here. Mom calls it counter surfing. A big NO NO here. But there are always so many good things up there.

    Hair in her coffee?? Mom says she barely notices any more - just call it extra fiber:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. So adorable. I don't mind cats on kitchen tables and cabinets either. It's their house too!

  17. Hi June, we are allowed on the peninsula but not on the counter on the other side of the sink (that is where the stove is). I kind of liked the sink until I fell in it when it was full of water. We are posting about a lovely surprise that we got today at the post office! What a way to celebrate Boxes and Caturday Art! We are touched. Thank you and your Mom!

  18. It is good she can do a lot with a little space.

  19. Of course the cat may be on the counter, and as Ms. S's kitchen towel says, Cat hair is both a condiment and a fashion statement!

  20. Fanks fur sending new furiends my way, June! I don't meet many kitties in de fur. Dey jump? I jump, too! I can't make de counter yet, but I'm trying!

  21. I think June and Roary should open their own restaurant! Roary LOVES being on the sink, on the stove (yes he knows he is NOT permitted there) but goes there when it's off.......I never leave the room if the burners are on, ever!