June 17, 2021


Angel Sammy and his brother Teddy gave us quite an amusing photo challenge for this week's poem.  A fun little image and as usual we here at Zoolatry were again challenged to add our own special photo as it brought forth a recent memory.  Hope you enjoy!


Well, there are no trains, sorry to say.
We've read that Amtrak has poor service today.

Go driving the highways, then in a flash,
smash, crash, airbags. Whiplash!
A big SUV might be better at least,
than this hot-wheels-toy-car that
gets treated like a holiday feast.
Munched up, crunched up, crumbled beyond repair,
bringing days and nights of only despair.

Now, if you want to fly ~ fly big, or fly small.
Chances are you'll get there,
if you just stay up there, don't fall.
They say it's safer to fly,
up high in the sky.
And those little planes can land anywhere,
in cornfields, on a street!
With JUNE, certified pilot,
the Grim Reaper you'll not meet!

Sam's Poetry Corner

Also, today I am very thankful as I have been for many days recently.  My granddaughter, soon to be a college senior ~ and let me say before going further ~ she is well and fine ~ was involved in a serious auto accident on a major highway in Orlando; not her fault in any way and angels rode with her that day.  A truck hit her car, her car is totaled, all airbags deployed and surely also gave her much protection.  She exited with help through a passenger window as no doors could be opened.  Bruises and cuts and aches and pains and after shock anxiety were her only injuries, so yes ~ offering many prayers of thanks every day.  

Top photos, May 2020 ~ Bottom photos, May 2021


  1. we even would try diet to it fit in that cute plane!!!.... we re so glad that this horrible accident ended that way...big hugs to your granddaughter.

  2. So glad your granddaughter is alright. Cars can replaced, although right now it seems to be difficult to get a new car. Someone was definitely watching out for her.

  3. Fun poem!

    Yikes, we're glad your granddaughter is okay. That had to be super scary.

    The Florida Furkids

  4. We've seen that adorable "baby plane" at Udvar - and it does look much like that mini-car poetic inspiration - what a pair they would make in a driveway! We really LOVE LOVE your poem for the "baby car" - it's perfect. Now onward to more important things, so VERY happy that your beautiful granddaughter was ok after that awful accident - the Lord was definitely with her that day. Sad her car was totaled but cars can be replaced while precious lives are gone when they're GONE.

    Hugs, Pam, Teddy and Angel Sammy too

  5. she is truly blessed to come out of that with only aches and pains and anxiety. i feel anxiety just looking at her beautiful car smashed to pieces. i would fly in that plane with you flying it June, that is because I know you can't pilot and it would not lift off with me in it. ha ha

  6. That's a fun poem and June, you look fabulous in your plane. We're so glad that your Granddaughter is okay, how very scary for her and you all. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  7. Our two-door Honda is a mini-car by some standards, but not THAT TINY!
    Reading about your granddaughter made me flashback to The Hubby's accident 18 months ago; so scary, but he was okay too, except for the being angry/sad part.

  8. Oh, MY! A really cute poem, and maybe we need to recruit that little airplane for our up coming 'Field of Flight'! Wouldn't it look cute and be just like a speck, compared tl the Raptor that we will see there!?

    So glad God sent His Angels to protect your Granddaughter. Hope she can find new wheels really soon.

  9. Thank goodness your granddaughter is okay!
    What an adorable poem and picture of you in your plane, Juney. I would sign up to ride with you any day!

  10. We love your poem about that little car and little plane. It's good to hear your granddaughter is okay after such a scary experience. Good thing she was in such a sturdy car.

  11. Those Florida drivers......

  12. I am very glad your granddaughter escaped the accident without more serious injury. Cars can be replaced, lives can't.
    That is a tiny plane and the perfect size for you, June.

  13. Nice poem, I like that tiny plane. I am glad your granddaughter is OK. XO

  14. Very cute photo of darling June in the airplane...So relieved the angels were watching over lovely Isabel, grateful she is ok after such a terrifying ordeal...Blessings of constant protection as Isabel returns to the driver seat...Sending much love, dear Ann...XO...J, Halle, Sukki

  15. That is a great poem and we love the tiny plane June. For our Poem: So glad she is alright those Germans build cars right

  16. A;

    glad your granddaughter is alright; "gram paw" was riding along in the car too; and kept her safe ...I honestly believe this...♥♥♥


  17. So thankful for your granddaughter ! Purrayers !

  18. We don't know if you could convince our Mom to fly in that small plane even if Trusty June is piloting it. She doesn't like any planes, but especially small ones. Nice poem, though.

    We are so happy to hear that your granddaughter is OK despite the bruises, the totaled car, and the stress of the accident. The same thing happened to one of our grands last October, not her fault, other driver cited for failing to yield, and vehicle totaled. Thankfully the Good Lord rides along with the grands, yours and ours.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  19. So glad your granddaughter is okay ~ a miracle ~ Xo ~ Love the kitty in the plane ~ Happy Weekend to you.

    Live in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  20. Mum and I are very thankful your granddaughter is mostly OK!!
    That is a lot of damage!!
    WE liked your poem and that darling airplane :)
    Purrs, Julie

  21. Sometimes tiny is the way to go.

    Praying your granddaughter recovers quickly and that the person who caused the accident has insurance to replace her car.

  22. Your poem was very creative. We are happy your granddaughter is okay but sorry her beloved car was wrecked.

  23. Ouch on the car, but we're glad your granddaughter made out with only some bruises and aches.