November 09, 2021

BEHIND THE SCENES: Fiction vs Fact

Behind The Scenes

We never watch the award-ing shows anymore, I mean my humom doesn't, she hasn't seen any of the movies or popular TV shows, so it doesn't matter too much.  But it was always a bit upsetting that so many awards for so many behind-the-scenes people were given earlier ~ at a so-called offsite event, on another day, another time and place!  Like they didn't matter as much!

Well, I'm like that, that's me!  Did you know I'm behind the scenes, doing most of the Zoolatry blog work?  I'm script consultant but more often screenwriter!  I'm producer, and I do set design, make-up and costumes.  And believe this: I do all my own stunts!  I even go to the canteen to get snax for all the crew, though have noticed some don't like my tuna or salmon crunchy bites.  But seriously, I do do it all, behind the scenes ...

SEE . . .

1.  behind the monitor I can observe the camera crew,
the assistants, the best boys, the lighting techs  . . .
2.  and my clawed-paw is there at the ready, to 
signal a bad take (photoshop crashing!) . . .
3.  my ears are delicately attuned to all that is happening
on set, after all we are PG rated (the humom sometimes
speaks in @*^&* words at this computer). . .
4.  the end of me and tail are there to swish my discontent
should any actors forget their lines . . .
5.  though I do paws for a break when our fave beach photo
pops up on the slide show . . .
6.  so: they best not send me offsite, on another day, to another place
when it's time for my awards (and I anticipate many!!!) . . .

June, June, June.  I've no idea why you posted this today.  Your "script" here is total fiction ~ and you were supposed to do a fact-based documentary!  Sigh.  All this play-acting for sympathy.  Ha!  You are before the camera ~ the star of the show ~ name at the top of the marquee and first when credits roll ~ day in and day out!  Now you're just acting like a little prima donna.  Typical Hollywood behavior we think.  We may just have to take away your SAG privileges for a few days ... get your act together, girl ... (pun intended)


  1. the one behind da scenes is the heart of a show ;O) our fiction vs. fact show starts when the mama buys a baking mix LOL

  2. You sure do seem to be behind the scenes since the scenes are on the monitor. We think you are more like us, the ones running the blog and your human is the one doing the small stuff like taking good photos of you for your posts :)

  3. I know you're the hard worker, June. ;) ~Ernie

  4. Oh sweet dream this is so true and your mama knows that. Not only are you the star of the show but you do all the behind-the-scenes and we believe you. And you do a great job of it plus you always look so darn cute!

  5. You sure are working hard behind the scenes, June.

  6. MOL MOL MOL June...purrsonally I believe every single word of your post...'cause I think in your mind's eye you see yourself this way. That being said your huMom is overworked and underpaid
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. I think you're purrfect, June no matter what you do. You can make it up or it can be factual. Both works for me where you're concerned.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  8. Sometimes one can get more done 'behind the scenes' ~ good for you ~ fun photos and creative ` Xo

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  9. We totally believe your script sweet June!

  10. BOL! We think you may do a bit of work behind, as well as in front, of the camera Junie!
    Rosy and the Gang

  11. Don't mind what ZH says, I can see you work very hard behind the scenes.

  12. Heeheehee! Great post, no matter who wrote what...

  13. No matter were you fit in, June, we love seeing you and we enjoy your take on things.

  14. Ha Ha, this was spectacular!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. Fact or fiction, we like the way you tell a story, Juney!

  16. Fascinating. It is like seeing how the sausages are made.

  17. We cats are the starts. Let the humans do all the grunt work. I dictate and approve my blog but TW types, does photos, etc.

  18. Hee! Hee! I KNOW it is more like what YOU said and less like what your Peep says cuz it is exactly like that here.