June 21, 2022

JUNE & PIP ~ or ~ PIP & JUNE

That's my best brofur Pip who owns my Auntie Dee.  He is my older brofur and I am not "used to him" yet, 
but I am trying cause Auntie Dee and mine Mommy are bestest of friends and like to spend time together.  
Pip and I look a whole lot alike.  When Auntie Dee comes here, I still hide.  
When I go there, I still hide, but I am trying, trying hard!

Auntie Dee is funny, cause she likes to say, 
"Pip, you have a coffee stain on your chin and I brush and I brush and but
it doesn't come out!"
Well, guess what?  I have a coffee stain too, and mine is here to stay too, 
just like Pips is!  
My chinny chin chin hairs are coffee with cream, cream 'n' sugar!
You can kiss my chin, tickle my chin ... but if'n I don't know you I will probably hide!

June & Pip
~ or ~
Pip & June

Every kitty luvs the polka dot chair, just wondering,
do you know who is who?



  1. Looks like Pip and June in the chairs ;)
    You two look so much alike ,no wonder aa oy are related ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  2. June, I think it might be fun to have a sibling. I am such a hidey scaredy cat that a brother might help. Lynn says your 1/2 white nose and 1/2 marked nose remind her of her Seney. I have no tea stains on my chin as I wear an all grey onesie and nothing shows on it. Precious

  3. Ooopsie: we are not actually "bro-furs" at all (just to clear that up) ... that's make-believe and wish it were so ...
    someday purrhaps we'll share the True Life Story!

  4. that's amazing to have such a fab nearly twin... ;O)

  5. Hopefully you can get along. Dogs usually love to visit other dogs and hang out, but you kitties are not so social.

  6. I can't tell you apart, I thought all the photos were of you June until I read the post. wow, awesome to have a twin that is not a twin. I hope the two of you start to love each other. does Pip live in the same building as you?

    1. Pip is a snow-cat; lives most the year in Florida; summers in Maryland about a half-hour from Baltimore, his Mom, Auntie Dee became Zoey's Mom for 7-years when I moved from Florida to Maryland and she could no longer live with me ~ Pip & Zoey were very good kitty friends.

  7. Pip and June.

    You two are adorable and I know June is trying very hard.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  8. We hope that one day the two of you can become very good friends. We know that is you on the right, Juney - so it must be Pip on the left! We love the half and half stripe down Pip's nose.

  9. You and Pip are both a couple of cuties. We hope you learn to enjoy each other's company just like your moms do.

  10. June
    Angel Madi was very suspicious of her human sister anytime she visited. Madi said the house was only big enough for 1 diva and THAT WAS Madi
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. What a handsome boy Pip is! And of course June, you are always a cutie-pie. I'm guessing it is June on the left and Pip on the right.

  12. We think you are the one on the right June BUT we are not 100% sure, you two really do look a lot alike. We hope you too become good friends. All of us except Yin and the dogs hide when strangers (including oldest boy and his kids) come over. Yin behaves like a dog and solicits pets boy is she weird.

  13. Pip has more tabby on his body, while you have more white, June!

  14. Mee-yow June an Pip youss' DUE look alike! With eyess open mee can meow June yore eyess are furry green an Pip'ss eyess are golden!
    With eyess closed mee not sure...wee guess you are on THE rite side of last 2 fotoss.....
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{huggss}} BellaSita Mum

  15. You do look very alike. Pip has white down his nose and you don't, so you are on the right and Pip on the left.

  16. Oh my June, you and Pip do look alot alike! I can't tell you two apart, not for sure.

  17. It's nice to meet your brother, Pip. I hope you become good friends eventually. Give it time.

  18. I bet you'll be best of friends in no time! Just take it slow and easy :)

  19. WOW, I really didn't realize you were twins, super cute twins!

  20. Thank you for letting me be on your blog again. It's always fun to have my picture next to my sisfur!
    Love, your brofur, Pip

  21. May you become best buddies soon!

  22. Wow, you two really do look alike, Juney and Pip!

  23. How amazing to have such a close lookalike! I think June, you are in the picture with the gingham pillow, at least I think its gingham!

  24. Pip, Pip Hurray! They are twins indeed.