August 07, 2022


I know I get the zoomies, even my barking friends get the zoomies!  
But I didn't know that sometimes even the hu-moms get zoomies?  
Just watching a movie with mine Mommy.  
She had stolen borrowed my polka dot chair.  
So I was chillin' over here (see me way, way over here?)  

I guess she thought I looked sort of cute, and of course that "unmentionable" is always with her,
so the next thing I know, it's click-click and zoom.
Then she says, Juney, look at me, and she zooms that thing and it's click-click again.
Never satisfied, she says, how about a really cute look, zoom zoom, click-click.

You're looking so cute I'm just getting up and zooming myself over, 
got to get the best shot!
Don't move, hold still, look at me!

So, being the good girl I am, I held still, I did not move and I looked at her,
and so, here is my Sunday Selfie, click-click, zoom.

So now, we'll zoom over to
and then, click-click
we'll join lots of friends for the


  1. I remember my furry younger years June when I made Lynn throw up soft spongy bouncy ball up and down the hallway hour after hour. And when she did she had to run go get it because I don't have thumbs. But sometimes it's nice that we sit still and let our moms get a good picture of us. And yours is good on Sunday morning. Precious

  2. That's a lot of clicks June! Funny how humans are.
    I am not a fan of the camera so I don't always want to look ;)
    I make mum wok for her shots. MOL!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. EXCELLENT!!!! both the zoomed and the unzoomed. I thought you were going to tell me mom was watching one of the zooming cars and fast action movies which is what I love best in movies

  4. Your Mom is right. The closer she zooms, the cuter you get. She should get you one of those cameras for cats that hangs around the neck so you can zoom in on her and capture her unawares. Turnabout!

  5. June, if it makes you feel any better, all of the cats here at Eastside Cats undergo such treatment too.

  6. Wow, Juney. Your mom was really zooming and snapping away! We are kind of glad, though, because we love seeing you. :)

  7. We love your selfie and all the pictures your mom took of you, June.

  8. I love those zoomies your Mom did June, you are just too cute and photogenic.

  9. Our Mummy also has these strange attacks of Zoomyism! But they make for great photos. Your own selfies are proof of that.

  10. Your mommy got fantastic shots of you for your Sunday selfie, Juney!

  11. We are proud of you for making it harder to get the pictures the people want. Lee and Phod

  12. You are very click worthy June. XO

  13. Clcik Click ZOOOOOOOM werked purrfectlee June! Yore medley of Selfiess iss beeuteefull. An Miss June what a lovelee place you an June Girl have there!
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita Sistur

  14. That looks like a very comfy place for a nap! (Chester couldn't help but notice your collection of squeaky toys under your very comfy seat.)

  15. You are a good kitty, looking at your Mom with that clickety-click thing...we tend to look the other way. LOL!
    Pipo hated to look, and Minko well, sometimes he looked.

  16. Nice portraits of you June, well worth all they zooming and clicking!

  17. June, You took an excellent photo; and what a dignified Ladycat you are too.

  18. Perfect photographs and that is the cosiest bed I have seen in ages. You certainly look comfortable June :-)

  19. You do look super cute and super adorable sweet June!

  20. You did a wonderful job holding still and posing. Zoomies of all kinds can be fun.