January 24, 2023


 A tisket, a tasket.
June's happy in her basket.

Having just written that, I wondered, what is a "tisket" and what is a "tasket"? 

Well, one can always "ask google" or "wikipedia".  

Do you remember that children's rhyme, that little sing-song-song?  
It goes way way back, a musical game, originating in late 19th century England
 and it seems those the words just "made up". 
Made up meaningless words, only to rhyme with basket!
I think we bloggers make up a lot of words too ~ especially for pet speak!
If you happen to comment today, how about including one of your "made up"
pet speak words ...


  1. Made up words can be a lot of fun. Mom remembers the tisket, tasket saying from childhood.

  2. Words are cool June :)
    Mum likes to call me her Booby Girl and thus Boobyitski.(booby-its-ski)
    Purrs, Julie

  3. I used to twirl Annie around in a wicker basket with a handle, and sing that to her...A tisket, a tasket, Annie's in the basket. It was a fun game for us, all those years ago. :-)

  4. June looks so cute in that basket.
    Other than the silly names that we call the cats, my mind is blank on other made-up words.
    Think I need more caffeine...

  5. You fit that basket purrfectly, June!

  6. You look good in your basket. A huge Awww.

    A made up word. We used to call our Angel Little Bit Scolabin. Why? It just happened.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  7. I am surprised I never checked the word tasket! used to sing it a lot. I am cursed with 'realism' genetics. I don't use made up words, I do talk baby talk to Beau and all pets though. I lean to glass half empty, which is part of the realism genetics. that is why I am not good a writing fiction. My skills are writing what happens but doing it so as to make it funny or interesting. this is a good thing, or all of our blogs would be identical....

  8. June darling what a timely post.
    Just this past weekend in and email about my grand cat Frisco...my mind's eye typed 'Frisco was'
    auto correct made my fingers type "Ephesus" !! How crazy is that. Then I thought A cat named Ephesus would be a good book title and I thought again I'd nickname the cat Eppie.
    I bet you and Mom are sorry you asked this question. MOL MOL
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. You are so cute all snuggled in your basket full of blankies, June. One of our most often used pet speak words is "pawrents".

  10. sneekin round fazt az we can two day juney chowder…hope yur mew yeerz ben
    grate sew far. peepulz like two tell uz we made up a hole new speech 🐟🐟❤️

  11. So sweet! Having dogs and a cat we say things like Happy Meowwwww Day and we love all of our pawsing high fives and such. Beautiful photo of June.

  12. You look so happy in your basket, Juney, and we love using the word pawty and what's even better is having one!

  13. One word we use a lot and applies to this post....Pawsome!

  14. Tiskits and Taskets are fabulishious! Queen Nellie Bellie was the word smith and purrsonally I likes her words furry much! She talked like she did as she was a only cat who was ignored until she came to live with Mommy and Daddy and she learned to talk by talking to herself. Mes happy that she is happy! I, Marvelous, don't talk at all like she did. Keep being awesome! Purrs Marv

  15. Cool, a challenge, we think blogs with challenges are a purrfect way to engage your friends Juney!

  16. June looks adorable today! I remember "a tisket, a tasket". We had a cat named Minou and I used to call him Booper sometimes. It arose out of two songs I used to sing to him. I used to sing to the cats a lot.

  17. What a disappointment they are made up words. Some of my favourite made up words are, vishus deer (thanks Skeezix) Noms, stinky goodness, fev-vers (human) beans. Those were thought up by others but I used them. Some I made up was Eric was proud of his fizz-eek, and when he was ill it was found his interestings (intestines) weren't working as they should be.

  18. I remember all of those old sing-songs. There were a bunch of jump rope songs too.

    A few months ago my grand daughter, Lily was surprised when I called Chester "Puppy Noodle." She thought that was the oddest thing because he wasn't a puppy or a noodle.

    1. You look so cat-tented inn yore baskit June girl....
      Miss Ann doess Bee Gee Bella Dee fit??? Mew mew mew...
      **purrss** BellaDharma an **blowss kissess** BellaSita Mum

  19. Love those big eyes sweet June! Hey, we do make up words, I like to be brushified!

  20. I make up a lot of songs for my cats, but I can't think of any words. XO

  21. I've learned something new today! June, you are most beautiful in your basket (that's not what i learned, i already knew you were beautiful).

    I like the word "snoopervise" to describe what pets do when they are checking up on the quality of our work.

  22. It's always fun to make up rhymes,isn't it, Juney? You sure do look cute in that tasket, er, we mean BASKET. XO

  23. Hi lollipop. My sister said long ago female dog's shouldn't be bitches, we are lollipops.

  24. June, you look so catastic in your purrfect basket! Lets all have a catabration when its your purrsday so we can fill your basket with all kinds of pawsome gifts!

    When I was still in Grade School, our dog was Blackie. He had a very bushy tail, so I called him Blacky Bushka...and later the next dog had the same name...but he was a very silly rascal, so I called him Blacky Monster, BOL!

    I invented nicknames for our cats, too:
    Groucho = GrouchyPouuchy
    Simba = SimbaBimba
    Suki = SukiYuki
    Toki = TokiPoki
    Pipo = PipoBeepo
    Minko = StinkyMinky

  25. Oh, and I refer to all the kitties and doggies here as 'furblings'.

  26. And we say Concatulations for various achievements.

  27. Mark's Mews: We don't know what a tisket or a tasket is either (and of course, TBT looked it up briefly, but he could find out). He says they are just sounds for a song.

    So he made up definitions. "Tisket is a pastel yellow color; tasket is a pastel green one. So a little girl was carrying a basket made of woven 'tisket and tasket'-colored cane signifying Spring in which she carried a little boy she had an innocent crush on." We'll go with that as the first official definition.

    But you look gorgeous in yer basket, June!