August 21, 2011


Cats are very expressive.  And in our years of pet blogging, we've found that their humans are very expressive, too!  So we're putting out a challenge to one and all, just a furry-fun event, for Tuesday August 23 ~ on your blog, just post your favorite, clever, old, new, unusual, humorous cat talk.  We were recently introduced to some new cat talk ~ "whisker humps".  Of course, there's "tail wags", and "chin scritches" and so many more.  And when it comes to the humans, well ... we've heard beans, and bipeds, and food purrsons.  And let's not forget the famous MOL.  So, that's the Cat Talk Time Challenge ~ get wordy, creatively wordy ~ and if you can show a photo that goes with your "talk", that's even better!  No prizes, no awards, just a wholelotta fun.  [P.S. if you have time to stop in here at Zoolatry, and leave a comment with your cat talk time words, Maggy and Zoey are thinking of picking their top three favorites and challenging the ZH to create a "photoart picture" of each.  MOL, she might even create a Cat Blogosphere Pictionary! P.P.S. the woo-ing ones are always welcome to join in.)


  1. OH, this sounds like such fun. We will have to try to come up with some purrfect words.

    We could really use a dictionary of cat and dog words as sometimes we don't know the meaning of a word or how to spell it exactly right.

  2. We could only come up with two words Pigmouse and ArtFen Dance.

    Pigmouse refers to something that eats like a horse but is the size of a mouse. In other words Arty.

    An ArtFen Dance is Arty rubbing herself all over Fen. Mommy thinks she is scent marking him.

  3. ::shhh::

    Don't tell anyone, but my mom sometimes forget's she using "cat talk" and starts talking to non-cat people that way! It's pawsome!

  4. This sounds like a lot of fun! I have to catch myself almost using cat talk in the workplace!!!

    A dictionary sounds like a "purrfect" idea!

  5. Oh we will be there!! We have CAT TALK all the time!!
    (((((((Lots of Huggggggs))))) from your TX furiends,

  6. We will have to try to think of some things that are kinna "OURS"...

  7. Going to do a Cat Talk~Talk to the paw.

  8. humanBean always talk ta us but we rarely talks back bcoz she didnt have a clue of what we're tryin' ta say...

  9. We were so sad about the news in the CB...but we did post one of our favorite words.

  10. Well now our Mom is embarrassed. We thought it was going to be cat talk for real. We will go right back to our blog and try to think of a cat talk word.
    That is so sad about Miss Peach.
    Take care.

  11. Spontaneous wants to show you "Serenading for Supper" and "Purrnapping".
    Thanks for coming up with such a cute challenge.