April 20, 2024


Mine Mommy didn't get 'round to doing her usual Caturday Art for this week, and I hadn't done a "pick-a-pic" in a really long time, so she said "okay, you can take over, paw through your files and choose a few".  

Now, I'm not old as dirt like she is, (hey, don't swat me, Mom), so anyway, I'm hoping you haven't seen these before, cause even I forget what's posted, but even if you have, they're some of my favorites, so here we goes ... with just a little bit of 'splaining.  OK?  OK!  Meow!

Oh, I 'member how excited I got on this day, when she did majorly major cleaning
and found every spring toy I ever had from under chairs, tables, in closets, behind the fridge!
What a collection!  Now I could hide (or lose!) 'em all over again!

But then she had to go and twist one spring around
this old ropey thing, boyohboy did I struggle to get it free ...
look at that top picture again ... see that empty space?
That's where it was s'pposed to be!!!

Hiding.  In the closet.  This is my go-to-closet.
  For when the big thunders come.  
Mine Mommy always keeps the door open an inch or so,
I can put my paw in and all by myself I can open it the rest of the way
and hide in the corner.  We have four walk-in closets and I go in all
of them, but this one is the best cause no light comes on!  And
she doesn't put other stuffs in there so there's always room for me.
It's dark and quiet, and no ~ the shoes don't smell!

Mommy is not too happy 'bout this.  Why?  She's had this very same
Daytimer for 58 years!  Seriously.  
Yeah, there's a calendar, address book, phone numbers, all that stuff,
 on the cell phone, and the 'puter, and the refrigerator ... but this one is special to her.  
Like it means a lot.
I'm just checking to see what's going on today
and of course hear ... "Juney, be careful now ..."
Honestly, I think if the house were afire, she'd grab this before she grabbed me! 

This?  Just because I wanted to share one sort of normal, pretty picture of me!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meow!  I hope you liked all my pick-a-pics.
I just realized how tiring it is to put together a blog ...
to find pictures,
to write words ...
so, please excuse me if I now go take a little nap.
Happy Caturday Saturday


  1. they are all winners but if I MUST pic one, it is the closet, the daytime is a very close 2nd.. you are one beautiful kitty

  2. I love your colorful springs, Juney, and I love you snooping in your mom's stuffs! Napping is a great idea. Pleasant dreams~

  3. Those were all fun ones sweet June and I do like seeing your Spring is in the air pic!

  4. You have picked lots of lovely pics, June. And what a lot of springs you have!

  5. June, where evfurr does yer mommy git them spring toys! Lynn has nevfurr evfurr seen 'em in a store. We luv yer photos today, I too hide in the closet or UTB during the tornado sirens we've been havin' a lot of. Lynn says (hopefully correctly) "pick a peck of pickled peppers" fur you.

  6. We love all those pictures, June. You sure have lots of spring toys!

  7. juney!!! yoo r berry good with your springs!!

  8. Wow, spring is busting out all over at your place, June! What marvelous pictures of you, June!

  9. June, you are such a smart and active kitty!
    Love your spot in the closet and you certainly know how to paw open a door.
    Those springs are very unique—new to us.
    Mommy's daytimer proves that she was a very organized lady and you sure understand and respect that!
    No way she would leave you behind—put that out of your mind.
    Haha, departing with a whisker and fang show off.
    Big hugs,
    Mariette + Kitties

  10. All great photos of you. How sweet of you to work so hard to save the spring. XO

  11. We could use a good dark hidey space like that. We usually end up sticking our heads under the sofa when the bog booms come. We bet that Daytimer holds lots of very important stuff. And so easy to have it all in one spot

    Woos - Misty and Timber

  12. These are some pawsome picks, June! I love your spring collection. And I'm pretty sure she would save you first :)

  13. I like the one of you sitting in the corner by the shoe rack
    MOL MOL at Leah's commen about spring bursting out all over
    Hugs Cecilia

  14. I love the last picture best, Junie. And after I barked about it with my pack, we decided that if the place was on fire, she'd grab you first in one arm and the planner thingie in the other and make a run for it. XOX Xena

  15. Sometimes, having all the springs arranged on the windersill ta pick an choose from is great. Sometimes findin them yerself is fun too. We like it when TBT has a few in his pocket an tosses them so they bounce around. And we also like the rattley-mousies.

  16. You sure did a great job of picking, Juney. We are amazed by your wonderful spring collection!

  17. Those are great picks of great pics!

  18. Charlee: "A spring, a spring, a wonderful thing!"